Campbell’s Labels for Education

Collect Campbell product Proofs of Purchase that can be redeemed for free educational merchandise, and turn them in with your BoxTops! Learn more here.

Eligible Products

Campbell’s Beans Products
Campbell’s Condensed 10 oz. Soups
Campbell’s Condensed 26 oz. Soups
Campbell’s Low Sodium Soups
Campbell’s Fat Free Soups
Campbell’s Kitchen Classic Soups
Campbell’s Tomato Juices
Campbell’s Gravies
Campbell’s Soup & Recipe Mix
Campbell’s Soups (microwavable bowls)
Campbell’s Condensed 10 to 11 oz. Soups (Specially marked packages only)
Campbell’s® Soup at Hand®
Campbell’s® Chunky™ Soup
Campbell’s Chunky Chili
Campbell’s Chunky Fully Loaded Soups
Campbell’s Chunky Soups (microwavable bowls)
Campbell’s Chunky Chili (microwavable bowls)
Campbell’s® Healthy Request
Campbell’s Healthy Request Soups
Campbell’s® Select Harvest™
All Campbell’s Select Harvest™ Soups
Franco-American Gravies
Pepperidge Farm Breads, Croutons, Rolls, & Stuffing
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers & Grahams
Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals crackers
Pepperidge Farm Frozen Garlic Breads, 3-Layer Cakes, Turnovers, Puff Pastry
Pepperidge Farm Cookies and Crackers
SpaghettiO’s® Original Pasta (7.5 oz., 26 oz.)
SpaghettiO’s® Meatball Pasta (7.5 oz., 26.25 oz.)
SpaghettiO’s® Original Pasta (15 oz.)
SpaghettiO’s® Meatball Pasta (14.75 oz.)
Swanson Broth (can and carton)
U Swanson Canned Chicken
Swanson Cooking Stock (carton)
All V8 100% Vegetable Juice
V8® Soup