Officers / Leads

for 2017-2018 Calendar year

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Email the Current President for any contact not linked to below.

PTA Board Positions

President – Rachel Wilner

Executive VP – Cori Wilser

VP-Communications – Laneya McCullough

Secretary – Kristen Stipe

Treasurer – Beth Binder

Financial Secretary – Arika Larson

Membership Chair – Maren Sederquist

Volunteer Coordinator – Julia Casto

Historian – Stacey Perry

Parliamentarian – Chris Roth

Auditor – Jules Chagnon

President Emeritus – Erica Bulycz


Bulletin Boards – Nicole Cohn / Marlene Wilhelm / Maggie LeDang

Facebook Communications – Chris Roth

Konstella Moderators – Erica Bulycz / Rachel Wilner / Laneya McCullough

Konstella Tiger Flyer Scanner – Martha Hernandez

Marquee Coordinators – Cassandra Lee / Mickey Hill

Spanish Liaison – Noemi Caraves

Tiger Flyer Coordinator – Karissa Bailey

Twitter / Text Communications – Chris Roth

Website Editors – Erica Bulycz / Maren Sederquist


Art Show – Lisa Lorino

Back to School Ice Cream Social – Keirsty O’Keeffe

Harvest Festival – Angela Nardi Brocato

Kinder Welcome Party – Cori Wilser

Kinder Park Days – Erica Bulycz

Parent (Mother) Daughter EventNEEDED

Parent (Father) Son Event – Kelly O’Connor / Cori Wilser

Staff Appreciation Week – Maureen Wenski

Talent Show – Maureen Wenski

Talent Show Bake Sale – Gina McCarthy

Tree LightingRebeca Pedroza, Kristen Stipe will mentor, co-chair

Walk-to-School Day / Bike-to-School Day Coordinator – Cori Wilser

Viva Calle Coordinator – Cori Wilser


Annual Giving – Julia Casto, Kristen Stipe

Art Cards  – Julia Casto

Auction Chair –  Dylan Wooten

Auction Check in/Check Out – Lisa Lorino

Auction Online SolicitorNEEDED

Auction DecorationsNEEDED

Auction DinnerNEEDED

Auction Lucky Kid Lotto – Megan Ramirez Pritchett

Auction Downtown Solicitor 1 – Lisa Lorino

Auction Downtown Solicitor 2NEEDED

Auction Family Donations Solicitor – Brandy Lee?

Auction Family Parties SolicitorNEEDED

Auction Online Software (SilentAuctionPro) –  NEEDED

Auction Other Businesses SolicitorNEEDED

Box Tops / Labels for Education – Kristen Polanowski

Holiday Elf Giving Program – Suzie Guerrero

Grant Proposal Researchers –  Frank Guerrero (Tracy Martin will help with Safeway grant)

Restaurant Nights – Angela Nardi Brocato

Scholastic Book Fair – Beth Binder, Kelly O’Connor, Erica Bulycz

Walkathon – Kristen Stipe

WG5K Coordinator – Debbie Lewis

5K Sponsorship – Alexis Cherniavsky, Chris Roth

5K Finance – Suzie Guerrero

Enrichment Programs

ABC Lead & Coordinators – Karen Taylor

ABC Volunteer Training/WGE Support – Carmen Pauls Wiens

ABC Marketing – Charmaine Huntting

After School Programs Liaison – Lynsie Gridley

Art Docent Coordinators – Lisa Lorino, Karen Taylor, Julia Casto

Band Instrument RentalsNEEDED (Maren will mentor)

Band Liaison NEEDED (Maren will mentor)

Band Parent Morning Helpers NEEDED (Maren will mentor)

Book Swap – Katie Riley

Garden Coordinator – Jennifer George

Hicklebees Author Visits Organizer – Katie Riley

Library Coordinator – Beth Binder

Los Dichos Coordinator – Linda Espinosa /Sofie Romero

Music Coordinator – Cori Wilser

Opera Coordinator – Kristen Polanowski

Schmahl Science Coordinator – Cori Wilser

Science Fair /Science Family Fun Night Coordinators – Katie Settle / Sandy Woosley

Other Volunteer Positions

Campus Clean Up – Marlene Wilhelm / OTHERS NEEDED

Copiers – Christine Kellner / OTHERS NEEDED

Games Closet – Ren Sherman

Kinder Tours – Erica Bulycz

Lost and Found (1 day a week each) – Nicole Cohn / Christine Kellner / Pam Oki / 2 OTHERS NEEDED

PayPal Administrator – Maren Sederquist

PTA Volunteer DatabaseNEEDED

Safety Coordinator – Marianne Edgeworth

T-Shirt Design Contest – Carmen Pauls Wiens

T-shirts – Ordering, Sales and InventorySofie Romero / Yazmin Sheble

Yearbook Coordinators – Melissa Kamita / Amy Drake