Band Instrument Rental

WGEPTA has a library of instruments to rent. We have clarinets, flutes, trumpets, trombones, alto and tenor saxophones, a baritone and a french horn. Rental fee is $70.00 for the year, or $10.00 per month for 7 months, if you sign up for automated PayPal payments below.

Please contact with instrument rental inquiries.

If we have run out of Rental Instruments, we recommend renting at Music Village. They also have a rent to own program, if you are interested in purchasing an instrument!

  • Music Village – 2971 Union Ave at Foxworthy Ave, San Jose, 408-377-2504

Instrument Rental

Pay your Instrument Rental fee all at once for $70 here:

Pay your Instrument Rental fee of $10/month for 7 months here:

SUMMER Instrument Rental

$30 for the summer.
Please enter your Student’s Name, Instrument and Instrument # in the Special Instructions field.

Band Supplies or Donation

Please note what the amount should be applied to after you log in.

 Need some reeds?

Here are the Clarinet Reeds we recommend.

Here are the Alto Saxophone Reeds we recommend.

Below is information about the 2017-18 band. Keep an eye on this space for information about 2018-19.

2017-18 Band Information

Our 3rd to 5th grade Band is in its 8th year for 2017-18! This year’s band instructor is Matt Volkar of the Community School of Music and Arts.  Instead of being a PTA program, band is run like our other “after school” programs (except it is before school). Click here to register for band.

Band schedule: 

Mondays 7:35AM-8:25AM:       Complete Beginning band members only (all instruments)

Tuesdays 7:35AM-8:25AM:       Advanced Woodwinds (flutes, clarinets and saxophones)

Wednesdays 7:35AM-8:25AM: Advanced Brass and Percussion (trumpets, trombones, baritones, french horns, drums)

Thursdays 7:35AM-8:25AM:     Complete Beginning band members only (all instruments)

Fridays 7:35AM-8:25AM:           Combined Advanced band members only (all instruments)

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