Founder’s Day Parade



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Join Us In the Parade!

Willow Glen Elementary is marching in the Founder’s Day Parade.

Our theme this year is “Hear us Roar”!

WHO: All WGE Students, Alumni, Staff and Families are invited!

If you play an instrument, you’re invited to play Katy Perry’s ROAR with us!

Please Maren to let her know and get details!

WHEN: Saturday, September 20, 2014, 10:30 am – 12 pm.

BAND PARTICIPANTS – Please arrive no later than 9:30 am.

ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS – Please arrive no later than 10 am.
Start: approximately Lincoln and Broadway Aves. (Entry #15)

Finish: WGE Quad after a right turn on Minnesota from Lincoln.

• All WGE participants should wear a Tiger costume, Any Circus-themed Costume, or a navy blue uniform Tiger or WG T-shirt (or any NAVY BLUE shirt).
• Some tiger accessories may be available at the start. First come, first served!