Escape Room Adventure

Exciting new community connection event in 2021 – Escape Room Adventure!! What is an escape room you ask?? Check out our FAQ section below for more details.

Join us on March 20th from 7:30-9:30 for a super fun adventure doing a virtual Escape Room and connecting with our school community. 


  1. Tickets are $20 per person
  2. Spanish Escape Room Guide available (see our FAQ below for more information)
  3. Family Friendly tickets available (please note, the content will be kid friendly but the puzzles may be difficult for young kids)

Zoom room opens at 7:30 for a quick dance party, WGE PTA announcements and giveaways at 7:45, and Escape Rooms start at 8pm on the dot so don’t be late!

Traditionally our Spring Parent event is an auction where we enjoy a nice dinner and raise money for the PTA to help fund the amazing programs we have at WGE. This year is different. We want to focus on coming together as a community for an escape, for a fun night of laughter. If you are able, donations are still incredibly helpful to the future success of our PTA and the amazing programs we have. You can continue to make donations to the PTA HERE.

We also invite you to sponsor a ticket. Times are difficult and we’d like all who want to attend to be able to. Take a moment to sponsor a ticket so all families can join in on the fun! When registering yourself you can select to sponsor a ticket as well.

Join the fun here!

Tickets go on sale February 9th

Return to Treasure Island is just one of the fun Escape Room options you might get to participate in!

Escape Room Ticket
$20 per person

Sponsor a Ticket
Support our teachers and all families to be able to attend the fun this year!

WG Cares Ticket
$0 per person
Want to attend but not able to give $20? No problem, register Here

Teacher/Admin Ticket
$5 per person

Every Dollar Helps!
While we aren’t doing an official auction/fundraiser event this year, we still appreciate all donations. Your support of the PTA and our community brings amazing programs to our school for the development of our students.


What is an Escape Room?
It’s a virtual room with clues and puzzles you need to solve in order to get our of the “room”. Work together with your team to get through the virtual escape room before your 60 minutes is up!

Will there be Spanish options?
We do have Spanish translators/guides available. The on screen images and puzzles will be in English but the guide in your room can translate all things to help guide your team through the fun!

How many tickets should I buy?
You’ll need to get a ticket for each person who will participate. If you plan to have you and a partner then you’ll need to register for 2 tickets.

Is this kid friendly?
It can be! When you sign up let us know you’d like a family friendly room. The content will be family friendly but we can’t guarantee the ability to solve the clues or puzzles, that’ll depend on your kiddo.

Do I need to create a team?
Nope! We’ll take care of that for you.

Who will be on my team?
It’s a surprise! We will work to connect people based on grade level as best we can. Our goal is that during this you’ll meet and connect with new people in our school community.

Have other questions?
Email us at